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(#22) Life Changing Lessons

From 2016 - 2020 I owned a yoga studio in Rome, NY. During the pandemic I closed my studio not because of the pandemic but because I was stressed, burnt out and overwhelmed. I spent the next several years exploring myself, my spirituality, my beliefs and more.

In 2021 I started a podcast sharing some of the things I was learning but just a short year later I felt called to go deeper and explore myself and my beliefs even more, so I stopped the podcast as well as all other outlets (social media, coaching, etc). Now, almost a year later, I feel called to share what I've learned in the past year, about myself, about my mental health, about goals and gratitude and happiness and more.

Because my passion was moving faster than my fingers, I decided to record my lessons as an audio podcast instead of a written blog. I transitioned to blogging at the end of 2022 because of the opportunities it allowed me I could use pictures and diagrams or written word, I could use audio or demonstrate something with a video.

So here is the FIRST audio to come to the Live Life Extraordinary Blog. I love audio because it's easy to listen while you're driving in the car, doing the dishes or while you're at the gym. A way to kind of "feed two birds with one seed" if you will.

Episode summary:

I started the episode talking about the power of gratitude (and continued revisiting it throughout the episode). We all hear about why gratitude is so important and we may have moments of gratitude but living a grateful life changed everything. It changed my motivation, my goals, my happiness, my mental health and more. The more I practice (and yes truly practice, gratitude doesn't just happen, it's something that takes a consistent effort) the more I recognize all of the unique blessings in my life. The more gratitude has become who I am rather than what I do.

Next is goals, to summarize this section, I used to set HUGE goals and when I didn't achieve them I would get discouraged and completely give up. So instead of setting another list of goals that I would simply give up on, I shifted the way I was thinking about goals, I started focusing on the process instead of the outcome which allowed me to be much more satisfied, more motivated and achieve more than ever before! Also, focus on being just 1% better everyday, that's all you need. 1% healthier. 1% more mental clarity. 1% stronger. 1% more consistent. 1% tidier. Just 1%, it changes you and your life faster than you would ever believe.

Happiness, I used to discuss the concept of "I'll be happy when..." fill in the blank, I get a promotion and make more money, I buy a bigger house or nicer car, I find a partner, etc. But I've come to believe that happiness is where you are now or no where at all. Because when you get the car you'll be happy for a minute then you'll forget about it and be on to the next thing. This is where gratitude comes in the more grateful I am the happier, more fulfilled, more present and more content I have been.

Knowledge is NOT action. You know what is going to reduce your stress. You know what is going to give you mental clarity. You know what will make you happy. You don't need another teacher, healer, book, podcast, etc to find the answers, there's no secret sauce. You have to DO THE THINGS. Knowing that you like yoga, knowing how to do yoga and knowing that yoga is beneficial for you is not the same as doing yoga. You don't need more knowledge you need more action. (This is me transitioning from just preaching to actually practicing!)

You have arrived. Life is happening right here, right now. We put so much emphasis on the big moments in life, the wedding, the birth of a child, the graduation, etc. If you spend everyday wishing for that moment in the future you miss out on the beauty that life is today. (And of course this goes back to being present and being grateful) If you're trying to get a promotion that exists 5-10 years in the future, know that the beauty of life now won't exist then. The kids won't be little anymore, your elders might not be here any more, your dog might not be as abled to hike with you anymore. Life happens in the little things, in between the bites at your favorite restaurant, in between your breaths at the summit. Life is happening now, there is no destination, you have arrived.

You can read the books, go to the seminars, meditate everyday, hire the coaches, etc. Your life will get significantly better if you are doing these things. But no matter how hard you try, life will never be perfect and you will never avoid hurt and hardships. I used to work SO HARD on being better and doing better and feeling better. Then get so upset when I had anxiety, stress, depression, etc. The fact is you are human. Sh*t happens. You're going to lose someone you love, get a flat tire, show up late, spill your coffee (no matter how much you journal and meditate, gravity isn't getting any weaker). It's all part of being human, the magic isn't that life stops happening to you, the magic is your ability to recognize it, your ability to RESPOND to it instead of reacting and your ability to bounce back when you're in a rut. That's all.

Lastly is perspective, a change in perspective is a change in everything. Instead of "ugh, it's Monday and I have to go back to work", try instead I GET TO GO TO WORK. I get to be healthy, well and able enough to go to work. I get to have a job that provides me with financial stability and security. I get to take a hot shower because I have a home and I have running water, not everyone has that. I get to get dressed because I'm blessed with clothes. I get to wash the dishes because I had a full meal and I have a full belly. I get to workout because I have the means to do so. I don't HAVE to do any of these things in life, I GET TO DO LIFE! Again, it goes back to gratitude and appreciation.

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I'm grateful for you. Truly. Every time you read a blog, share a post or send me a picture of the mocktail you made with my recipe, I LIGHT UP. You set my soul on fire! Thank you for your presence. Thank you for your love and your support. Thank you 💖

See you next week!




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