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The freebie gallery is home to the Morning Magic Masterclass, the 3 Days to Bliss Virtual Retreat, the 7 Day Self Care Challenge and more.

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Yoga meditation

7 Day Self Care Challenge

The seven day self care challenge is an exploration of journaling, meditation, breathwork and more. The challenge includes daily videos that introduce you to the benefits of each practice as well as demonstrates each technique so you can effectively learn the practices. 

Morning Coffee

Morning Magic Masterclass

The first 10 minutes of your day set the tone for your entire day. It's no coincidence that the day you wake up late, stub your toe on the coffee table and skip breakfast is the day you are most frustrated and overwhelmed. Take back your morning to take back your life!

Online Yoga

3 Days to Bliss Virtual Retreat


The three days to bliss virtual retreat includes daily yoga, meditation and journal practices to help you rediscover your bliss. Each practice is available for lifetime access so you can experience bliss again and again!

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Self Care Planner & Tracker


This helpful planner and tracker will allow you to plan out your daily self care and keep track of each activity as well as how the activities make you feel. There is also space for daily gratitude journaling!


Higher Self Meditation


This guided meditation takes you on a journey through each layer of the self too guide you back to your most authentic and radiant self.

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