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At the end of our lives 80-90% of us will share the same regret...

The regret that we lived our lives based on what we thought others wanted rather that what we wanted for ourselves.

From the time we are born, we are taught how to examine and validate things in our external world without ever learning how to look within and validate our own selves.

We spend most of our lives seeking the things that society tells us we should want without ever asking ourselves the question,
what do I want?


I know what it feels like to have a vision of yourself and a vision of your life that always feels out of reach. 


I have been the girl that felt disconnected from who I really was because

I was afraid that I would be judged.


I have been the girl that didn't chase after my dreams because

I was scared that it wouldn't be socially acceptable.


I have been the girl that was so afraid of being my authentic self and living my truth that

I sent myself into deep depression.

I have been the girl with crippling anxiety at just the thought of speaking my truth or taking action on what I desire. 


I have felt scared, alone, depressed and misunderstood, even with the most loving partner and most supportive family. 


I have sat in my bed, staring at the ceiling saying to myself

"there has to be more to life than this."


Unleashing Your Divine Power is about rediscovering who you truly are and no longer showing up as the person that the world told you to be. It's about fully knowing your passions and your purpose and being able to fearlessly go after the things that you desire. It's about no longer allowing fear, anxiety or self judgement to hold you back from living the life of your dreams. 


Your divine power is unleashed when you reclaim who YOU truly are and what YOU truly want. 


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Unleashing Your Divine Power

is a 5 week group mentoring program, designed to help you tune inward, rediscover who you truly are, reclaim what you truly want and break through any of the inner blocks that are stopping you from fully stepping into the life of your dreams.


Develop a clearer understanding around your prosperity, your passions, your physical health, your relationships, your purpose and calling, your mental and emotional wellbeing and your spiritual connection. Together we will dive deep into each of these 7 areas of your life to determine where you currently are and where you are looking to go. 


Reconnect to your physical body, your mind, your emotions and your spirit so that you can understand and fully embody the most authentic version of yourself. Through reconnection you will discover the parts of yourself that have been disowned and are not getting needs fully met, in this rediscovery you will learn how to have all of your unique needs met, on every level of your being. 


Together we will look at the pain, hardships, traumas and limiting beliefs that are keeping you chained and restricting your true self from being it's fullest expression. You will start to understand the difference between your false sense of self and your true self so that you can release your false identities and let your light shine through.



In discovering what holds you back, you will have the chance to finally heal these old stories and disowned parts of yourself to be a full expression of your soul self and to finally feel like the whole, radiant and vibrant being that you are. Together we will go all the way back to roots of your wounds and heal on a deep inner level with your inner child. 


There is a seed of hope within you that you are truly extraordinary and that you are meant to live an extraordinary life. This program is designed to water, support and nourish that seed so that you can fully transform into the being that you are destined to become. 

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So tell me what is it  that you plan to do with your one wild and precious life
- Mary Oliver

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