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Now, more than ever, our workers are tired, stressed, burned out and frustrated. We know that the way they feel directly impacts the way they show up at their job. Wellness in the workplace is no longer an option, it's a necessity.


It's essential that wellness is quick, easy, accessible and affordable. Our workers don't always have the time and resources for hour long yoga practices and in depth meditation courses. Wellness in the Workplace is designed to bring wellness to your workers exactly where they are. This 6 week program includes weekly videos and PDF downloads that provide tools to your workers in less than 15 minutes. Available on any smartphone, computer or tablet, your workers can tune in at lunch, on their morning commute or before they go to bed. Getting your wellness needs met shouldn't involve more stress and frustration. Wellness in the Workplace adds comfort and ease to your worker's wellness routine.


Bianca is a transformation and breakthrough coach that helps individuals become their best selves and create their best lives. Bianca has a background in Psychology and a certification in yoga that inform all of her teachings today. Bianca's unique approach to wellness is centered  in mind-body-spirit principles, she understands that you cannot be truly well in any one area of your life if you are unwell in another.



Your Wellness in the Workplace Program is available for as low as $1 per employee*

Fill out the form below to get your custom rate and get started on your Wellness in the Workplace journey!

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* Wellness in the Workplace rates vary depending on company size. $1 per employee quote applies to companies with over 10,000 employees

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