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Power of Prana

"Prana" is the Sanskrit word meaning "vital life force energy". Energy is everything. Our thoughts, words, actions, beliefs, feelings, etc are all made of energy. We are more energy than we are physical matter. We can consciously shift our energy using the power of our breath. This energy shift can move us from stress to relaxed, anxious to calm, floaty to grounded, exhausted to energized and so much more. In this workshop we will explore what breathwork is, how to practice it, why it is one of our greatest tools for self healing/self care, the anatomy of breath and a variety of breathing techniques that can be used anytime and anywhere for just about anything! This workshop is approximately 1 hour long, lifetime access is available. Student Review: "Bianca’s Power of Prana class is exactly what it says in the title! POWERFUL breathing techniques! I left the class feeling SO refreshed and I learned SO much! Bianca explains everything so well, her voice beautifully relaxing and the class is jam packed full of awesomeness! I would recommend this to anyone who wants to learn a technique to help ground them, soothe their anxiety, calm down for sleep or balance their system before yoga or meditation. " - Ashley GA Lifetime access for $22 OR for $22 a month access this program and ALL other programs on the website PLUS a private community, monthly healing circles AND a new workshop or challenge every month!

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