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Heal Her & Rise

What's stopping you from showing up as the radiant queen that you are? From ages 0-7, everything that we experience gets hard wired as the foundation of our brain. ​ The words and actions of our parents, peers, teachers and siblings teach us "who" we need to be and "what" we need to do in order to be loved, accepted, validated and to belong. ​ As adults, this causes us to be stuck in cycles of people pleasing, over achieving, perfectionism, controlling behaviors, shape shifting, feelings of imposter syndrome and more. ​ These cycles cause us to to show up in the world as who we "think" we should be, rather than who we truly are. They cause us to do what we "think" we need to do in order to be good enough, rather than doing what truly lights us up. ​ This workshop is designed to help you identify what is currently blocking you from showing up as the radiant being that you are. ​ You will tap into the belief cycles that you've embodied since childhood, uncover the roots of those beliefs, release the stories that are no longer serving you and take back your innate power

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