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(#17) Creating the PERFECT Morning Routine

When we go to sleep at night our physical body rests and restores, our mind clears and releases our emotions and our energy resets. When we wake up in the morning we literally have a clean slate and an opportunity to set the tone for the entire day.

The first 10 - 60 minutes of your day are the most important minutes of your entire day.

Think about it, when you begin your day aligned and connected you flow through your day with grace and ease. But when you start your day scrolling through social media, comparing yourself to others, getting upset about the news, you go through the day feeling sad, angry, frustrated, annoyed, etc.

Have you ever noticed the days where you find yourself triggered by the news, social media or an email first thing in the morning are the same days that you lose your keys, run late to work, spill your coffee and stub your toe?

It is not coincidence that the choices we make first thing in the morning set the tone for our entire day. Even more so, the sum of our days = the quality of our lives. In my honest opinion, your entire life depends on the things you prioritize each morning.

Think about the emotional state you put yourself in the moment you wake up.

  • Does it align with who it is that you want to be?

  • Does it align with what it is you want to create?

  • Does it align with the life you want to live?

If you answered no to any of these questions try journaling on the following questions:

  • Who is it that I truly want to become? What does the best version of my self look like, think like, act like and feel like?

  • What type of life do I wish to create for myself? For my family? For the world?

  • What can I bring into my morning routine that will allow me to be the best version of myself RIGHT NOW?

The responses are different for everyone. Some people might feel called to journal every morning to release their thoughts from the day before and let go of that to do list. Some people may wish to start their day feeling aligned and connected through prayer or meditation. Some might want to add exercise or yoga to their morning because it helps them wake up and energize. It is SO SO SO different for everyone.

My morning routine is constantly changing. As I find new practices that feel good for me, I add them in. When I find practices that don't align with me anymore, I take them out. On mornings where I am extra sleepy, I might add in a cup of tea to help me wake up. And on days where I wake up with a lot of energy, I might add some housework into my morning routine.

Currently my routine looks like this:

  • 6:30 am wake up and hydrate! Drinking water first thing in the morning really helps energize me and it kick starts digestion. Before I drink water I ALWAYS tongue scrape. Bacteria builds up on your tongue each night when you are sleeping and the thought of washing it back down, grosses me out. Interested in trying this? Here's the link to the scraper I use each morning. It even comes in a 2 pack so I can keep one at home and use the other when I travel

I've also been loving my new 1/2 gallon water bottle that helps me not only hydrate

in the morning but also stay hydrated all day. Grab yours here!

  • Inner work. Everyday I do some work with my inner self to keep my mind clear and my heart open.

    • I start with journaling which is where I brain spill everything on my mind. Including events from the previous day, emotions I've been feeling, things I need to do, meal plan, etc. I find so much clarity and insight when I take the time to free write.

    • I then list at least 3 things that I am grateful for because each day truly is a blessing and starting with gratitude helps me stay in alignment.

    • Last is some form of meditation or quiet reflection. I find it best to do last because everything else helps me wake up, clear my mind and really focus. If I try to do this first, my mind is wandering, I fall asleep, I can't stop thinking about the stuff that happened the day before or the never ending list of things that must be done today. So using the other practices really sets me up for success in my meditation practice.

  • Breakfast. This is the last part of my morning routine that I make sure to prioritize. For a while I used to practice intermittent fasting because I thought it was better for my waistline, my confidence and my gut health. That is until I started learning about hormones, specifically cortisol (the stress hormone) and learned that skipping breakfast can spike cortisol levels, which is related to weight gain. I dont know about you, but I experience plenty of stress, I don't need anymore. SO I prioritize a nutrient dense breakfast to fuel my body and mind. Mainly it's the smoothie that I shared on day 4 of Blogmas. Check it out here.

If my routine sounds like a lot, know that you don't have to do everything that I do, honestly you don't have to do anything that I do. Finding the PERFECT morning routine is all about discovering what feels best for YOU. Tune in to your personal energy and do whatever aligns with you.

If you're really digging this idea check out my FREE Morning Magic Masterclass that includes even more tips for crafting your perfect morning routine and includes a FREE Planner and Tracker to help you stay on track. Access the masterclass here!

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