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(#4) 12 Days of Self Care Blogmas Day 3

Hello and Welcome back to Blogmas!

Days 1 and 2 were about scheduling and breathwork. If you missed either post you can find them here!

Today on the 12 Days of Blogmas we will be exploring boundaries as a form of self care.

Setting boundaries is one of the best self care practices we can do. Boundaries are talked about a lot in the self development and personal growth spaces. Boundaries are simply the parameters that we determine are what we are willing to accept from ourselves and from others.

Most of the conversations around boundaries are regarding the boundaries we set with others including things like

  • not saying yes when we actually mean no

  • speaking the truth about our feelings

  • letting others know that words and behaviors that feel good for you

  • making it known that certain conversation topics are off limits

  • determining what forms of physical touch are comfortable and appropriate

I find that the boundaries we set with others exist to help us protect our peace and wellbeing. When it comes to protecting ourselves, it's important to set boundaries not only with others but with ourselves as well. Healthy boundaries with yourself can look like:

  • setting a time limit for scrolling/binge watching television

  • observing self talk and using only kind words for yourself

  • being mindful of the behaviors that you do that aren't for your highest good

  • holding yourself accountable when you're betray your wants and needs

It's impossible to have healthy boundaries with others if you don't have healthy boundaries with yourself. If you allow yourself to speak negatively about yourself then you will tolerate it from others as well. If you don't honor and respect your personal time, you can't expect others to honor or respect your time either. If you allow yourself to participate in things that aren't of your highest good, it will be hard to recognize when others are putting you in a similar position.

You deserve all of the love, peace and joy that this holiday season has to offer, examine your boundaries to make sure you're experiencing each to the fullest!!

See you tomorrow for day FOUR of Blogmas!



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