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(#3) 12 Days of Self Care Blogmas Day 2

Welcome back to the 12 Days of Blogmas!

Yesterday's self care tip was about creating a schedule. If you missed out on the details you can check the post out here.

On the second day of Blogmas, your life coach gave to you...


Breathwork is one of the BEST self care tools that there is especially during the busy holiday season. Breathwork is incredibly versatile, and can be practiced anytime and anywhere.

Unlike other practices you don't need a yoga mat, a meditation pillow or a notebook to use the practice, all you need is your body and your breath. It's also incredibly easy to use breathwork while you're participating in all of the holiday fun.

You wouldn't be able to journal while baking cookies, or do yoga while wrapping presents or meditate while doing your holiday shopping. You can however practice breathwork while doing any of the above mentioned, as well as while you are doing your normal day to day activities like washing dishes, standing in line at the bank or folding laundry.

Breathwork is a tool that is easily accessible to all people regardless of height, weight, flexibility, level of athleticism, etc. When I owned the yoga studio people had 100 excuses for why they couldn't practice yoga, breathwork isn't as easy to make excuses for, everyone breathes, all the time actually. You can calm your body (think of the heart racing you feel when you're anxious) and calm you mind, simply by shifting the way that you breathe.

Below is a video from my FREE 7 Day Self Care Challenge. Here I share 2 breathing techniques that you can start utilizing.

To access the full 7 days of the Self Care Challenge Click Here.

Thanks for tuning in to day 2 of Blogmas, see you tomorrow for day THREE of Blogmas!



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