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(#2) 12 Days of Self Care Blogmas Day 1

Welcome to day one of Blogmas!

Blogmas is a challenge to blog every day during the holiday season. I have chose to do 12 days of blogmas, kind of like the 12 days of christmas. My gift to you this holiday season is new self care tips and tricks every day from now until Christmas Eve!

The holiday season is the most wonderful time of year but it can also be the busiest! Between shopping and decorating and cooking and wrapping and everything else that we have on our plates it can feel really challenging to get everything done including our own self care.

Today's self care tip is to create a schedule. Having all of your commitments written out will help you see exactly what you have time and energy for and what things you need to say no to.

By writing on a schedule you also will give yourself the opportunity to schedule in yourself care. Whether it's every morning when you wake up or a full day on Sundays.

Studies show that we are 40% more likely to follow through on something if we write it down. So if you schedule in yourself care you are automatically more likely to follow through I'm giving yourself the "me time" that you deserve.

When we are stressed and overwhelmed we do not show up in the world as the best version of ourselves. We are a much brother mother sister friend and coworker when we take care of our mind body and soul. So make it a priority this holiday season to take care of yourself on all levels of your being.

To help you follow through on making a schedule I've created a FREE Self Care Planner and Tracker that you can access here

See you tomorrow for day TWO of Blogmas!



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