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(#13) 12 Days of Self Care Blogmas Day 12

Today is the final day of Blogmas! I have had the most wonderful time creating all of these tips for you!

My final tip is to mix things up. You don't have to meditate everyday at 6 am to be happy, healthy and well. You don't have to journal every night before bed. While consistency is important, know that mixing things up can be even more beneficials for your mind, body and soul.

I've noticed during my time as a wellness junkie that what works for me one day doesn't necessarily work every day. For example, when I am feeling anxious EFT tapping is my go to practice.

When I feel like there is too much on my mind then I journal. When I need help falling asleep, I practice breathwork. As you get used to each of these practices you'll learn which is best for you and how to effectively mix things up.

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Blogmas has been the PERFECT way to kick off the Live Life Extraordinary blog. Starting this week you can expect new posts every Wednesday to help you become your BEST self and create your BEST life.

See you Wednesday!



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