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(#12) 12 Days of Self Care Blogmas Day 11

Welcome to day 11 of blogmas 💖

Today we are talking about meditation!

Meditation is one of the most popular wellness/self care tools. Gaining in popularity because of it's wide range of benefits. As a wellness coach, one of the top things that I hear from people when it comes to meditation is that they feel like they "can't" meditate, either because they feel as if they can't sit still for that long or they worry about being able to quiet the mind.

The quote that I like to share, that really helped me with my personal meditation journey is, "Meditation is not about controlling the mind, it's about stopping the mind from controlling you."

The practice of meditation isn't about having no thoughts, it's about becoming the non-judgmental observer to those thoughts. Below are my suggestions for starting or improving your meditation practice.

Meditation Tips

1. Find the style of meditation that works best for you. There are countless ways to meditate, from breath focused meditation to mindfulness, guided visualizations, body scans and more. Give yourself the opportunity to try different styles until you find the one that is best for you.

2. Add journaling to your meditation practices. By practicing journaling before meditation you can help clear some of the clutter of the mind to create space for your meditation practice. For help starting a journaling practice check out day nine of blogmas!

3. Set yourself (and your space) up for success. Dim the lights enough to help you relax without putting you to sleep. Set the temperature to a slight chill to help you stay awake and focused without being uncomfortable. Try diffusing your favorite essential oils to evoke a sense of peace. Remove distractions like pets, children or electronics from your meditation space. Place music that promotes relaxation and gives your mind a point of focus.

4. Get a guide. There are plenty of online resources that will guide you through the practice of meditation. Click here to access my free resource gallery which includes several free guided meditation .

I hope these tips help! If you have questions or need extra support, feel free to send me a message at

See you tomorrow for our final day of Blogmas!



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