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(#1) Live Life Extraordinary

Hello and Welcome to the Live Life Extraordinary Blog!

If you've been with me for a while you know that the name "Live Life Extraordinary" has been around since 2020 when I started the Live Life Extraordinary Podcast. The podcast was about mindset, self care, self healing, spirituality and more. While I genuinely LOVED my time as a podcast host, it came to a natural ending in May of this year when I made the decision to take time off to focus on myself.

As I've started to create content online again (mostly on Instagram) I've felt called to start blogging again as well. My first blog was through Full Lotus Yoga, the yoga studio that I owned and operated from 2016-2020. Then I offered the "B Blissful with B" Blog (an entirely video blog) for several months in 2020. The reason I'm transitioning back to a blog format instead of a podcast or vlog is because of the flexibility that it provides. If I want to share full text like this, I can. If I want to provide you a guided audio, I can. If I want to make a video tutorial for you, that's an option to. Blogging gives me the flexibility to share even more tips, tricks, wisdom and guidance with you on this crazy ride called life.

I am such a multi-passionate individual, I used to think this was a bad thing, like I needed to just pick one thing and focus on it. But as someone who preaches "extraordinary living", I can't in good conscious focus all of my energy and creativity into one thing. To me, living an extraordinary life is about being who you truly are and doing what you truly want with your ONE wild and precious life. To focus only on yoga or only on mindset work or only spirituality is not who I TRULY am. I have a love for the mind-body-spirit connection, a love for plant based foods, a love for art and creativity, a love for mental health, a love for nature, for travel, for swimming and for home design, as well as MANY other things. It's no longer in alignment for me to bottle up parts of my wisdom and experience in the name of having a perfectly polished title like "Yoga Teacher" or "Life Coach". I of course still do these things and will update you with every possible opportunity to receive even more support from me. But think of this blog as a space for authenticity, for growth and for expansion.

Whether you've been here since 2016 when I ran the yoga studio or this is your first time meeting me, I want to say Thanks for making it this far. I can't wait for what the future holds.

To celebrate the kick off of the *NEW* Live Life Extraordinary Blog, I will be offering the 12 Days of Christmas Self Care. This will include daily blogs starting 12/12 with tips and tricks for receiving the ULTIMATE Self care this holiday season. Throughout 12 days I'll be share videos, audios, full text blogs and more to illustrate why this change is so powerful and impactful.

Thanks for joining me, can't wait to connect with you again soon!



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